Sports Injuries


Sports injuries can be annoying at best, but they can also end a career prospect. Whatever your health pursuit is, whether injury recovery or injury prevention, we have something for you.


Golf is played by many in the birth place of the game, Scotland. Those who have played it would at some time tweaked a little muscle, felt achey after a round (or two!), or had more serious discomfort.  The game applies  pressure on the spine due to the position required to strike the ball. The constant loading of pressure in a forward position  can lead to areas of joint dysfunction which lead to pain. 

Overtime, the spine will tighten up and may lead to changes in your swing plane. Spinal adjustments create a more freely moving spine to keep you at the top of your game. 



The most common injuries in basketball are hip, thigh, knee and ankle injuries. These are usually caused through the sharp explosive movements and changes in direction. Ligament, cartilage and muscle damage can occur. 

How can Chiropractic adjustments help? With ABC tm adjustments allowing for improved posture and spinal and body balance this allows for better and more appropriate healing. Good body balance and proper posture allows for the removal of unwanted/incorrect pressures passing through these structures. Body balance and rehabilitation will keep you moving and playing faster and longer. 

Caledonia Gladiators

Prevention is better than cure.

Looking at preventing injuries rather than curing them is something we take here seriously. Starting from a young age, keeping the body in balance is essential for young athletes whilst they are putting their body through rigorous training paces, creating strong, powerful muscles and pushing their bodies to be better. But its never too late to rebalance, whatever age you are, we're here to help you heal and prevent injuries. 


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