Posture and Depression

Posture is paramount, it holds the key to relieving pain, improving health and improving general body mechanics.

Here at The 360 Health Hub we look at your posture and correct it.

The photos were of a lady pre adjustment, after 1 adjustment, after 2 adjustments.

Good flowing 'S' shape curves allow our body to move easily without effort and without widespread abnormal pressure on our joints and our nerves. If you're making the 'old man noises' whilst getting out of the bath or getting up from the floor, or tying your shoe laces or getting up from the sofa, look at your posture.

Good 'S' shape posture allows for the spine to protect your delicate nerves from overload and damage so your body can function properly and healthily.

A normal 'S' shape spine allows for support of your muscles and allows them to work rhythmically and equally reducing injury. Its all very well saying 'stand up straight' and 'pull your shoulders back' but sometimes this is more uncomfortable and painful, sometimes you physically can not do it anymore.

Some people have seen the change in their posture, the 'hump' or 'bump' forming on their upper back or in their mid back. The repetitive feeling of being stiff or noticing that your posture is getting worse.

Physical posture: Could it have regulatory or feedback effects on motivation and emotion?

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