Posture and Its Problems

Advanced Biostructural Correction TM Practitioners here at The 360 Health Hub can gently improve your posture through a series of gentle adjustments to get your life......Back on Track

As you can see in the photos of some of our clients above the pre and post adjustment head positions are very different. This diagram shows the position of the spine and the relative pounds of pressure passing through the neck as a consequence of this change in posture. The joints of your spine are tailored throughout its entire length to take a particular amount of pressure. If you increase this pressure you increase the pressure placed upon not only the spinal joints which may lead to an acceleration of wear and tear but also pressure upon the nervous system, brain and organs.

Brain Fog

Brain Fog is a gen­eral term for what psy­chi­a­trists and oth­ers call sev­eral dif­fer­ent con­di­tions that are very com­mon prob­lems that peo­ple just deal with because there is no med­ical cure. Brain fog is described by peo­ple as hav­ing a few char­ac­ter­is­tic symptoms:

  • Unable to con­cen­trate for more than short peri­ods – short attention span
  • Wan­der­ing atten­tion and any­thing like that
  • Liv­ing with a veil over their existence
  • Can’t think well – slower to process info and make decisions.
  • Feel­ing fuzzy in the eyes or head. Harder to literally focus their eyes
  • Tired often, but also can’t sleep well at night
  • Feel “dumbed down”

Phys­i­cal pulling on the brain and brain stem, from poor posture such as that seen above, causes brain fog. As research has shown, pulling on nerves stops them from func­tion­ing (it is not the pinch­ing of the nerves but the stretch­ing of the nerves that causes the pain and other nerve prob­lems -Yamada). Because brain fog may be due to a mechan­i­cal stretch on your spinal cord gentle manipulation of the spine to improve your posture may help to seriously improve it. Med­ica­tion can dull your aware­ness and strongly affect your life, reducing brain fog naturally has many benefits and the possible side effects from drugs is not one of them.


Pain felt throughout the body may well be posture related and/or primarily from a dysfunction of your posture and therefore your spine. As mentioned above each segment within the spine is designed to take a specific amount of pressure. By changing this pressure you allow for inflammation to start, not only in that area alone, but in other areas as well as your body tries to compensate and relieve the pressure some other way. This is often how mobility is lost and those dull aches and pains, nerve pain, shoulder pain and many others. Your posture is crucial to the functioning of all components within the body, your lung capacity, pressure on the heart, your diaphragms ability to perform its function, to allow good bowel motility thus helping with condition such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

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